Dentures, Rogers AR and Fayetteville AR

Fisher Denture & Dental Care

 Dentists Drs. Darren Fisher, DDS, Connor Silvestri, DDS, and Shelby Esry,DDS are general dentists dedicated to helping patients in need of tooth extractions or who want to regain their smile with dentures, partial dentures or a combination of the two.   

We have two locations to serve patients in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Rogers office is located at 4404 West Walnut Suite #7, Rogers, AR. 
  • Fayetteville office is located at 3162 W. Martin Luther King Blvd Suite #5, Fayetteville, AR.

Call us in Rogers at Rogers Office Phone Number 479-246-0007 or in Fayetteville at 479-443-6900.

Our Office Hours:

  • Mon,Tue, & Fri – Rogers Location 8:30am-5pm
  • Wednesday Only – Fayetteville Location 8:30am-5pm

Pay Less. Smile More.

Needing extractions and dentures?  Our Denture Package will save you money!

  • Our denture package includes a standard temporary or healing denture that is worn for 6 months.
  • Soft liners placed in the healing denture to increase comfort and fit.
  • A new final denture of your choice is made after 6 months of healing and shrinking.

For more information, please see our Pricing Information Tab.